Speeding Tickets

Do not Ignore that Speeding Ticket

Heyward Wall Law, P.A. can help you take care of your simple speeding tickets and moving violations.  It is important to seek out an attorney to help with these tickets.  To simply ignore these tickets or to just pay the fine up front could result in your insurance increasing drastically over the next three years.  A traffic and speeding ticket attorney can help to prevent this from occurring, depending on your driving record.

Asking for a PJC - Not Always the Right Option

Many people believe they can handle their own speeding tickets because they think they will just ask for a Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC).  But having a attorney representing you will help you to know when using a PJC is the right course of action.  Two important reasons for retaining a traffic attorney to handle your speeding ticket include:

  • Only one PJC is available per household every three years, otherwise the original ticket comes back and insurance increases.
  • Wake County now reduces some tickets to "Improper Equipment" under certain circumstances.  This keeps your insurance from increasing and is available per driver; not limited to one per insurance policy like a PJC.

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